Monday, 28 September 2015

All that stash !!!

Firstly let me tell you about a new cafe / bistro in Urmston that I went to. It is called Bevano Lounge off Eden Square. You must call in  for a coffee as the decoration on the walls is amazing! It has so many beautiful lamp shades hanging from the very high ceilings and pictures everywhere it's a must if ever you are down there. Here are a few snaps I quickly took when I popped in for lunch with friends.

lots of pictures and mirrors and clocks all over the walls.
Big leather sofas to sit in as well, it's just a lovely relaxing place.

But now to my stash. I have a very large stash of one of my favourite yarns, Rowan Felted Tweed DK. It is and always will be a beautiful yarn. Over the years I have collected so many colours and balls of this yarn and below are some of them, this is just about quarter of what I have hidden away in my loft.

I have a few projects on the go so I thought I would show them to you. First is a blanket I started last year, I will finish it eventually, maybe it's the colours that aren't exciting me anymore !

Another project is, I think, going to be another blanket or maybe a set of cushions, I'm not sure yet but whatever it is I am going to wash it so it felts. I love this yarn when it is slightly felted, it goes very soft and matted .

Here is the  pattern I am using, it is great for making squares for throws and blankets in any type of yarn.

Basic sqaure 

sp (sps): space (spaces)
ch: chain
sl st: slip stitch
tr: treble
beg: beginning
dc: double crochet

Make 6ch, sl st into first ch to form a ring

Round 1: 3ch (counts as first tr), work 15tr into ring, sl st into 3rd of 3ch at beg of round.

Round 2: 5ch (counts as 1tr, 2ch), [ 1tr into next tr, 2ch] 15 times, sl st into 3rd of 5ch at beg of round

Round 3: sl st into first 2ch sp, 3ch (counts as 1tr), work 2tr into first 2ch sp, 1ch, [3tr into next 2ch sp, 1ch] 15 times, sl st into 3rd of 3ch at beg of round

Round 4: sl st into each of next 2tr, 1ch, 1dc into first ch sp, 3ch, 1dc into next ch sp, 6ch, *1dc into next ch sp, [3ch, 1dc into next ch sp] 3 times, 6ch rep from * twice more, [1dc into next ch sp, 3ch] twice, sl st into first dc

Round 5: sl st into first 3ch sp, 3ch, work 2tr into first 3ch sp, into next 6ch arch work [5tr, 2ch, 5tr] *3tr into each of next 3 3ch sps, into next 6ch arch work [5tr, 2ch, 5tr] rep from * twice more , 3tr into each of last 2 3ch sps, sl st into 3rd of 3ch at beg of round

Round 6: 1ch, 1dc into each tr to end, working 3dc into each corner sp, sl st into first dc.

fasten off

I will show you the finished blanket in a few weeks, my aim now is finish the many things I have on the go so these 2 blankets are first on my list. 

Happy Hooking !!! 

Thanks for that Helen, I am hopefully going to share some pictures of projects which I have managed to complete in the next couple of weeks, I have lots of pieces being blocked at the moment. I will also share my purchases from Yarndale, I had a fabulous time, unfortunately Helen could not come this year but I think she will like what I bought!

Ta ta for now xx

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Very Slow Progress

Well I have had a beautiful week away on the lovely Isle of Anglesey, staying in a lovely apartment at Rhosneigr bay. The view from the window was stunning I would recommend booking to anyone who just fancies getting away to somewhere beautiful. Take a look at where we stayed it sleeps four and is really lovely I took lots of knitting but soon realised that the needles to cast on sleeve two of my hubby's jumper had been left at home, luckily my big sister was coming for 2 of our 4 days so she saved the day, with just a pair of 4.5mm needles!

Rhosneigr beach

We visited Beaumaris whilst we were in Wales too. It had been many years since my last visit as a child and I was so impressed with this beautiful town. We revisited later in the week to see the beginning of the Tour of Britain Bike Race. It was bustling with an electric atmosphere and lots of men in Lycra! The local craft shop had gone to lots of effort decorating bikes to celebrate the occasion please see more pictures on Instagram: Hank_Skein. Beaumaris also has lots of beautiful independent shops selling gorgeous wares.

I have finished non of the projects which I had on the go in our last post I have however made some progress with the above mentioned Hubby's sweater. I have sadly pulled back the mystery knit along but will persevere!! Oh and two baby hats have been completed.

It was back to work last week and not much knitting time at all, but I must admit that with the Autumnal feel to the mornings and lots of people posting how close Christmas is on their Facebook accounts my knitting and crochet fingers are itching to get going again.

Helen and I had a lovely get together on Friday and will be hopefully sharing our ideas with you soon. 

Until next time keep safe and healthy.

Sarah & Helen xx