Wednesday, 16 March 2016

How Long is a Piece of String??

Well I can honestly say that like yarn it depends on the ply the weight and the size of the ball! (Size does matter on this occasion.)

A genuine string  bag made from just 2 balls of....... string!

In light of the recent plastic bag tax we have all been purchasing bags from retailers which we give the dubious name of 'bags for life' and if you are anything like me you will have numerous bags but they tend to be somewhat on the large size for my quick run around boots for a few bits and bobs. So as you can imagine when I spied a ball of string in my craft room my mind started to think of a way to work with this to create just the thing! 

Yes we really do mean string!

They really do make such pretty accessories
Avilable on our etsy shop
and search HankandSkein

Well I have been getting quite carried away with myself and ended up even making a string dispenser to hold the ball of string, yes you guessed it, made out of string!! The joy of both crochet and knitting is that you can produce not just practical but also beautiful items for everyday use.

I have also been playing with Annie Sloane paint as a way of dying my string to make it into a unique colour, I got this idea after going to the most fantastic open day at The Ministry of Upholstery in Manchester. The Ministry is just a haven of creativity and is one of the most inspiring places I have been to in a long time, so much so that I have signed onto an upholstery weekend. I just love to learn a new skill and I could not think of a more fun thing to do than learn from people with such passion. I will share my results as soon as I have finished playing around with this. Oh and I have signed up for a footstool course with them too..... watch this space!

Now as you will know if you follow us on facebook (FB) we ran a beginners crochet course for lovely group of ladies and we had a fabulous day. We have decided that groups of between 4 to 6 people is the perfect size for you all to get the attention required when just starting out with a hook and thread. Watch out on FB for future courses.
The table is set out for our lovely ladies

They all worked so hard and went away with a new skill
Maybe you have friends who would like to learn how to crochet and you would love to do it as a group, if so just drop us an email at  and we will organise a day of crochet just for you (groups of 4 to 6)

I must also tell you that inbetween all of the above I have this week become a finisher completer having finished, finally, Erin by Kim Hargreaves I have taken some time completing it but I am sooooo......pleased
I shared this picture earlier in the year
I am now very proud to share the completed garment 
When we did our crochet course we were asked why we used yarns such as Rowan and I think the result above explains it, vibrant colours, good quality yarn which makes all those hours of knitting or crochet worthwhile and it will wash beautifully too. Need I say more!

On that note I will close this post, and take the time to wish you all a very happy weekend to come! Thanks for taking the time to drop in..... 

With love Sarah & Helen xxx

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Perfect Patchwork !!

I would love to you some amazing patchwork blankets I had the good fortune of seeing at an exhibition I went to a few weeks ago in Sale, Manchester. On display were the most amazing blankets, wall hangings, cushions that were machine and hand sewn. It got me inspired and wanting to get on with my patchwork.

 They are amazing aren't they !!

Anyway, moving on, I have started going to patchwork group myself, with lovely ladies that I have met through my craft group. We started with a small project, hexagons to make a pin cushion .

 The finished pin cushion, just a button to be added to the centre.

 Michelle's millions of hexagons to make her blanket. 
(and also Happy Birthday to Michelle this week as its a very special birthday x)

Here are Tilly and Marion who join us every week to sew (Tilly doesn't do much)!!
Tilly even got hold of my pin cushion as I dropped it on the floor and ran like hell out of the dog flap into the garden, it was like a comedy scene off the TV trying to get it back.

I have now purchased some lovely fabrics to make a circle cushion with diamond shapes. I will let you know how it goes.

Sarah and I are looking forward to our first workshop together this weekend, a small group of ladies are joining us for our Beginners Crochet course we are really looking forward to it. It is so much fun to learn a new craft alongside other like minded people and Sarah and I love sharing our skills too. We will post some pictures of their day soon.

Sarah has also signed up for a weekend upholstery course at the Ministry of upholstery  we can't wait to see her finished project and will definitely share some pictures with you

Whatever needle crafts you are doing, enjoy and have a good weekend 
Helen and Sarah xx